We strive to help students in their senior school journey by allowing them to match their hopes and dreams with their talents and strengths.

St Clare's offers multiple pathways for students to meet their diverse needs, interests and abilities. We offer careers advice to support students with career guidance, education and information.

One of our priorities is to assist individual students in creating post-school education, training and employment plans.

Career advice at St Clare’s Catholic High School Hassall Grove





Career Advice at St Clare’s Catholic High School Hassall Grove





How We Can Help - Careers Services Provided

Career guidance can be sought in relation to:

  • uncertainty about what to do after leaving school
  • subject choices at school and their impact on future careers
  • general career self-awareness

Information is provided to students around:

  • types of jobs and career pathways in different industries
  • a range of post-school education and training options
  • entry requirements and application procedures to public and private education institutions, apprenticeships, traineeships etc.
  • scholarships and special admissions
  • labour market factors to consider

Practical assistance provided for:

  • resume writing
  • applications to university and TAFE
  • special admission applications









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