St Clare's strives to provide a rich and diverse curriculum to engage students in their learning.

The dedicated staff at St Clare's Catholic High School is intent on providing quality education for our students’ schooling. Our learning & teaching is purposeful, targeted and driven by many needs – providing academic success, multiple choices, catering to maturing spirituality, and developing life skills.

The Learning & Teaching pages outline our educational philosophy, our curriculum structure, and the many and varied programs and activities on offer.




Our Curriculum

Much more than a basic formal curriculum, St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove offers a range of learning experiences that ensure all students are engaged, challenged and stimulated.


Design for Learning

Our students deserve the best, and so we’re building exciting new facilities to meet the needs of learners today! Take a 360° virtual tour of our school.


Religious Education

Religious Education is central to the total school program at St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove.


Support Programs

At St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove, we strive to develop each individual according to his or her potential, and to prepare students with diverse learning needs for full, active and meaningful participation in society.



At St Clare's Catholic High School we value the whole person and encourage extracurricular activities to develop areas of the student’s interests that can be met through other avenues.


Creative and Performing Arts

St Clare’s is partnered with CAPTIVATE, the creative and performing arts program for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


Senior Education

At St Clare’s Catholic High School, we help our students to be prepared for life after school by providing a dedicated and purposeful senior learning environment.


Careers Advice

St Clare’s offers multiple pathways for students to meet their diverse needs, interests and abilities. To also assist, we offer careers advice to support students with career guidance, education and information.



St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove library is a centre of learning. Access our eLibrary.



The sport program at St Clare's Catholic High School is designed to give all students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will empower them to adopt a healthy approach to life.


Bring Your Own Learning Tool

St Clare’s Catholic High School recognises the need to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world, where technology plays a large role in our personal, social and professional lives and we support this through our up-to-date teaching focus which is supplemented by our Bring Your Own Learning Tool (BYOLT) initiative.