Parent Handbook


The Parent Handbook is provided to all parents enrolling children at St Clare's Catholic High School.

Parents requiring a copy of the handbook should:

  • enquire at the office, or
  • print a full version to read at your convenience. Press the ‘PDF’ button at the top of the page.

The information below will cover procedures and policies you and your child will need.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries, please feel free to contact St Clare's Catholic High School by email or phone on 9830 2400 weekdays (7:30 - 3:30pm).

About Us

School Details

175 Buckwell Drive
Hassall Grove  2761
Locked Bag 1412  Plumpton  2761  
p 9830 2400
Principal: Mr Kevin Jones

Parish Details

Good Shepherd Parish
132 Hyatts Road  Plumpton  2761
p 9832 4461
f 9625 3974
Parish Priest: Rev. Vincy D'Costa ofmcap


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Role Name
Principal  Kevin Jones
Assistant Principal Hayley Lalor
Leader of Mission Jessica Damski
Leader of Learning Dale Ahern
Leader of Wellbeing Nikki Valleri
Business Manager
Chris O'Shea
School Counsellor
Lauren Luthra

 Leader of Learning Widad Thalji
Leader of Learning Sheree  McCormack
Leader of Learning Theresa Nielsen
Leader of Learning Rachel Watts
Leader of Learning Pauline Tivoli
Leader of Learning Sherene Mitchell
Leader of Learning  Juan Chavez
Leader of Learning Pathways - Stage 4
Luke Trotz
Leader of Learning Pathways - Stage 5
Brittney Bonarius
Leader of Learning Pathways - Stage 6 Anthony Pope
Leader of Learning - Diversity Debbie Watts
Instructional Coach Colin Newell
Teacher Librarian Heather Wood
Sport & Activities Coordinator Luke Eisenhuth
Learning Mentor - Benedict Natalie Maxwell
Learning Mentor - Chisholm Deb Baker
Learning Mentor - Kolbe Jeremy Tuano
Learning Mentor - Mackillop Josh Schembri



The Character and Strength of Clare
The St Clare's community is permeated with Gospel values lived and celebrated throughout the school year.

Professional Learning
A competent team of staff has professional learning at its core. The team provides quality teaching and learning, through a diverse use of teaching strategies, which serves the St Clare's community.

The learning environment at St Clare's fosters, values and enhances student achievement and a strong work ethic.

Pastoral Wellbeing of the Clare Community
St Clare's continues to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for the holistic wellbeing of staff, students and families.

Systems Administration
St Clare's continues to strive to be a well-organised and efficient school of staff, students and parents.


To provide excellence in education:

  • through quality teaching and learning
  • by providing a safe and creative learning environment
  • by challenging students to strive for academic excellence
  • by being a place where faith and values are enriched and shared within the Catholic tradition.

Key Values

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Reconciliation
  • Quest for knowledge and skills.


Francis of Assisi is very much a saint for all ages, a saint for all people. His life was marked by faith and joy, service towards others, prayer, peace, and the love of the earth and all created things. He preached the Gospel message of a loving God who gives extravagantly, and who invites each of us to participate fully in life in all its diversity and richness.


St Clare is the patron of St Clare's Catholic High School.

Clare was born in Assisi, Italy, in 1193. As a child she loved to learn. She studied Latin, music and needlework. She loved listening to stories and she was very concerned for the poor. She was always giving things away to them.

As a young, rich person, Clare chose not to marry into wealth as her family expected, but instead she ran away to join Francis of Assisi in serving God through poverty, peace and prayer.

Clare was the founder of the Second Order of St Francis, the Order of St Clare which is known as the Poor Clares. She was a person of great courage and strength of character. She was obedient to Francis and even though she was the superior, she served her sisters with loving care and humility. She was truly a remarkable woman and her influence is still strong today. Just like Francis, news of her wisdom spread, and prayer and advice were sought from her by rich and poor.

By the time of her death in 1253, there were 150 monasteries associated with Clare in existence. She was canonised in 1255.


Our History

In 1993, after collaboration between the Capuchin Fathers based at Plumpton, and the Catholic Education Office, meetings began concerning the construction of a new Catholic systemic high school at Hassall Grove. The new school was to be situated firmly in the Good Shepherd Parish.

The school’s layout has deliberately incorporated a Franciscan theme through aspects of the village of Assisi in Italy. The wide, white stone pillars encompassing the extensive colonnades, the Town Square and the long walkway or ‘Street,’ all have this intended Italian aspect. This Franciscan influence was also paired with a strong Aboriginal connection with respect to the significance of the site in the local Aboriginal history. The first and only land grants given to Aboriginal people by Governor Macquarie were to Colebee and Nurragingy, nearby. And the Native Institute and the original Blacktown are close by the Bells Creek, a sacred burial site.

The first Year 7 students commenced classes in 1994, and the school experienced its first graduating class of Year 10 in 1997.

In 1997, it was decided to restructure the Catholic schools in the Greater Mt Druitt area and form Christ Catholic College, with St Agnes at Rooty Hill, Loyola at Mt Druitt, and St Clare’s at Hassall Grove. This came about in 1999, but after five years a further restructure was made and the three schools together, formed the Christ Catholic Community of Schools.

In the 21st Century St Clare’s is now a thriving co-educational secondary school for Years 7 to 11 students (Years 7 to 12 from 2020) with a strong focus on developing confident, motivated leaders who are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s world.

Our Crest


Our crest consists of a red cross which represents hope and life for Christians, and reminds us that our actions and observations are based on love, from the heart. The four leaves allude to nature and creation. They recall St Clare, ‘the first plant’ of St Francis and the crook of the Good Shepherd Parish. The sun and moon remind us of St Clare, 'a Light for the Way,’ along with Christ, ‘the Light of the World’.  The Christian perspective along with the Aboriginal Dreaming stories of the Sun Woman and Male Moon as creative forces, present a rich partnership with the community. The black background highlights the Christian paradox of light from darkness, hope for the hopeless, and life from death.

Our Motto

The motto ‘Praise God by Your Life’ entreats us to strive for wholeness. We meet God in all aspects of our life and show our closeness by the way we live our life. It is in the ordinary everyday living of our life that we demonstrate God’s love and glory.


How to enrol your child

St Clare's Catholic High School are excited to announce that we are now taking enrolments for Years 7-12.

We hope you are considering St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove, as the school for your child.

We look forward to getting you started on the enrolment process, or just answering any questions you still have.

For further information about joining our community, visit our website to learn about the enrolment process, or contact the school today on 9830 2400.


General Information

General Information

All students are expected to attend every school day unless there is a good reason for absence i.e. illness or pressing family need. Dentist, doctor and other appointments should be made outside school time. If you are unable to attend school due to illness or any other significant reason, a phone call from your parent/carer is expected to the school office by 8.30 am.

You are responsible for catching up on any work missed during your absence. You should ask your class teachers for assistance.

If it is absolutely unavoidable and you must take leave during the school term, or to extend term holidays or weekends, your parent/carer must seek approval from the Principal, in writing four weeks in advance of the requested leave.

On your return to school after any absence, you will need to present a completed absence note/documents to your Learning Advisor.

Letters of Recorded Absence

At the midpoint and end of a school term, a mandatory letter that is required to inform parents of your absence this term will be sent home. This is a requirement of the government agencies, and this letter will be sent home when your attendance levels reach, 90%, 80%, 70% and 60%. These letters also include tallies for days that were approved by the Principal (in previous years these days did not count).

Absence during the day (see also Early Departure)

You must remain within the school grounds during the day. If you have to leave during the day, you need to bring a permission note from your parents, obtain permission from your Leader of Learning Pathways and sign out through the Front Office.

Students leaving school during the day must be accompanied by a parent or the parent’s delegate.

The parent’s nominated delegate must be prepared to provide proof of identification which may need to be confirmed with the child’s parent/carer.

Absence from specific activity days (e.g. excursions/carnivals)

Extracurricular days (e.g. excursions, sports carnivals and camps) are essential parts of the school curriculum. Attendance is mandatory. If leave is unavoidable on a school activity day, parents/carers are asked to ring the School and leave a message for the Leader of Learning Pathways regarding the reason for your absence. Your parents/carers may be contacted during the day if this message is not received. On your return to school, you will need to present a completed absence note.


Students who become ill during the day must have a note signed by the class teacher and take themselves to the Office. Minor injuries are treated at school. If necessary, an ambulance or doctor will be called. Staff will contact parents/carers if students need to go home. Students are not to contact parents directly. All contact should be made via the Office.

Students should not use mobile phones during any lessons.


Parents will receive notification of any after school activities which requires their child’s attendance. Parents are requested to provide written approval for attendance.


  • Students should take home the afternoon detention letter on the day it is received. A parent/carer should sign and return the note on the next school day.
  • Students are to return the slip to the issuing leader before the scheduled detention
  • Students are to report to B6 before 2:40pm on the day of the detention with appropriate work and equipment to complete
  • Students are to work in silence until the end of the detention and follow all instructions given by the supervising teacher
  • If your child is unable to attend the detention on the scheduled date, please contact the school office before the detention.

If a student does not attend a scheduled detention without a valid reason the consequence may be escalated.



  • At the conclusion of afternoon classes, students who are to catch a bus home are to make their way to the Town Square and wait until their bus is announced. All other areas of the school grounds are out of bounds at this time.
  • When leaving the school, students are only to use the front gates.
  • Students who are to be picked up by car must wait inside the school gates. Students who leave school grounds may not be permitted to return onto school grounds to catch a school bus/attend after school activity e.g. standing at the front of the school or going to the shops.
  • Students who walk home must exit the front gate and cross the road (if necessary) using the pedestrian crossing.
  • Students at sporting venues are to return to school before departing for home.
  • Students must travel directly to and from school, not stop/loiter at shops, parks, etc.


Students are expected to arrive by 8:15 am each day to enable time to be in first period  by 8:30 am. If you are not in class by the commencement of period 1, (8:30am), present a late note at the Administration Office for signing in, and then proceed to where you are scheduled to be.

The official school backpack is the black St Clare’s backpack. No other form of school bag is permitted.

Students who travel to and from school by bicycle are required to wear an Australian Standard approved helmet and to obey the road rules associated with cycling. Any student found travelling to and from school without a helmet will have to make alternative arrangements for their travel home as their bike will be impounded by the school until a helmet is produced or the bike is collected from the school by a parent/carer.


The school has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment.

At St Clare’s Catholic High School we base our relationships on the teachings of Jesus: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do unto me.” We believe that all members of the community have the right to a learning and work environment free from intimidation, humiliation and hurt. We all share a responsibility to create a culture of caring which will not tolerate bullying. We believe in a safe, secure and welcoming place which ensures everyone is treated with dignity and respect. All instances of bullying should be reported to a teacher or leader.


  • Students must travel by the most direct service/route to and from school.
  • At all times students are to conduct themselves in a way that complies with school expectations concerning appropriate behaviour.
  • Students must, at all times, comply with bus company policy concerning bus travel by:
    • behaving safely at all times
    • respecting the needs and comfort of other passengers
    • always following instructions about safety on the bus
    • showing their OPAL Card to the driver on boarding and when requested
    • not distracting the driver except in an emergency
    • not smoking, eating, or drinking on the bus
    • not allowing any part of their body to protrude from the bus
    • not altering, defacing, misusing or fraudulently obtaining an OPAL Card
    • not giving, lending or transferring their OPAL Card to another student
    • giving up seats to all adults and any passengers with disabilities
    • obeying reasonable directions from the driver (e.g. where to sit or to remain in the bus)
    • reporting any vandalism, e.g. graffiti and window etching
    • complying with any instruction given by the bus driver/conductor
  • When in possession of an OPAL Card, students must:
    • show it to the driver when requested
    • tap their OPAL Card on the reader
    • travel on the designated school bus route
  • Consequences for breaching the Code of Conduct:
    • depending on the gravity of the offence, students may be required to give up their student OPAL Card or may be refused travel on the bus for a period of time determined by the bus operator
    • heavier penalties may apply to students involved in group misbehaviour
    • School Principals have the right to take additional disciplinary action against a student under the school’s Student Management policy for any breach of the Code of Conduct
  • Students have the responsibility to prevent any misconduct by other students.
  • In the event of any misconduct occurring while travelling on buses, students have the responsibility to report the incident to their Leader of Learning Pathways.


There is an excellent canteen at St Clare's with a wide variety of healthy foodstuffs that are available.

Canteen procedures

  • At Recess and Lunch, students must line up in single lines in the designated aisles.
  • Be polite and courteous to Canteen staff at all times.
  • Students are not permitted to congregate on the paved area near the Canteen unless purchasing food.
  • The Canteen closes when the first bell sounds.
  • The Canteen is not available for use during lesson times.

Students are asked to:

  • be courteous, at all times, to canteen staff and teachers
  • line up as directed by the teacher on duty
  • leave the canteen area when they have made their purchases.


If your child has a change of family details (e.g. address, phone number, contact details, email address) parents are asked to advise the School Office in writing as soon as possible.


Chewing gum causes an enormous amount of damage to uniforms and school property. For this reason it is prohibited on the school grounds. Students who eat/bring chewing gum onto school grounds will be issued an automatic detention.


  • Students are not permitted to be in classrooms at any time unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • The sounding of the second bell at the end of Recess and Lunch time signals time for students to be lined up outside of classrooms for the teacher direction.
  • Students are to wait quietly outside the classroom until the teacher arrives. Designated lineĀ­up areas exist for each classroom.
  • At both the start and conclusion of each lesson, students are to stand at their desk, greet or farewell the teacher and await teacher directions.
  • Student punctuality to classes is monitored closely at all times. Students are to be punctual for each class. Lateness to class may result in a consequence being issued.
  • Every student is expected to work with diligence, follow teacher instructions and be attentive at all times.
  • Distracting or disruptive behaviour in lesson time will not be tolerated.
  • No student may exempt themselves from class without the permission of the classroom teacher.


  • It is the responsibility of every student to keep the school premises clean and tidy.
  • Wilful damage of school property and graffiti will not be tolerated.
  • Damaged or broken school property must be reported by the student to the Leader of Year.
  • Students responsible for wilful damage, graffiti, will be required to help cover the cost of labour and materials etc at the discretion of the Principal. This fine will form part of your school fee account.
  • Each student is responsible for the daily cleanliness of the school. Students may be requested to assist in cleaning a designated area.


What to do if you think you have treated unfairly.

If a student is facing a consequence and they believe that there are circumstances that should be considered, or that they have been unfairly treated, follow these steps:

  • REMAIN CALM. Getting aggressive and being disrespectful will only escalate the issue and is never excused.
  • There are serious consequences for aggressive and disrespectful behaviour and/or language to staff, peers, guests or members of the extended school community solve a problem regardless of the initial issue. For procedural justice, all sides of the story will be listened to before decisions are made by the teacher.
  • All staff member’s will follow the School’s Student Management Policy when resolving issues and/or issuing consequences.
  • Students may request to calmly discuss the issue with the staff member to further discuss the facts.
  • If a student disagrees with decision, they may discuss the issue with the appropriate Leader of Learning/Leader of Year.


St Clare’s Catholic High School has a Counsellor for the support of students. Students are able to access the Counsellor throughout the school day. Confidentiality is always maintained by the Counsellor, unless a student is considered to be at risk to themselves, to others or by others. St Clare’s Catholic High School is committed to providing support for students.

Students can access the Counsellor in a number of ways:

  • by approaching the Counsellor directly to make an appointment through the front office
  • by contacting their Leader of Learning Pathways or a teacher.

Parents can ring the Counsellor and discuss any concerns they may have. Students may access the counselling service to discuss a range of issues, including managing a new school environment, getting on with others, issues relating to balancing academic with social life, family change, challenges in adolescence and so on.


If circumstances arise where discontinuation of enrolment is necessary, notification in writing should be made to the Principal at least ten weeks in advance of the student’s final day. An appointment with the Principal is required.

Students will be issued with a Discontinuation of Enrolment form (Leavers Form) for completion aligning prior to termination.


While at school or at school-sanctioned events, students are not allowed to:

  • be in possession of or drink alcoholic beverages
  • misuse prescribed or over-the-counter medicines
  • be in possession of, sell, supply or exchange any drugs
  • represent a substance as a illicit drug.

The School reserves the right to take the most severe disciplinary action with any student who uses or possesses these items.

The Principal has the authority to search a student’s bag and/or locker, with or without the student’s consent, where they have reasonable ground to believe that a student is in possession of a dangerous or illegal substance or implement.


Whenever possible, parents should avoid making appointments for children during the school day or holidays/travel during the term.

  • Requests for students to be granted leave for part of a day must be made in writing and signed by the parent/guardian. The note must be given to the Learning Advisor on the morning of the day concerned.
  • After signing the note, the Learning Advisor will return the note to the student.
  • The student is to present the note to the classroom teacher and then to the Administration Office staff at the time of departure.
  • Students should not contact parents/carers directly for pick up from school. See guidelines regarding illness during the school day.



The School does not permit the use of mobile phones, iPods, etc, during class time unless classroom teacher requests their use. The School accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to electronic equipment, and students are therefore advised to take good care of electronic equipment brought to school.

While the school understands that mobile phones are issued by parents to their children for emergency purposes they must be turned off during classes.

If parents need to contact their child during the school day, it should to be done by phone through the School Office.

Speakers are not permitted to be used in the school. Loud music must not be played from electronic devices. Students using these speakers will have the device held for parental collection.


While at school or at school-sanctioned events, students are not allowed to sell fundraising goods for any club/agent (e.g. external sporting team/dance studio) not directly associated with the School.


Any student who does not meet the requirements of the School’s Grooming Policy will not be permitted to attend class. Parents will be contacted to collect their child. Re-entry will be permitted once the breach has been rectified to a standard deemed suitable by the Principal.



Each student at St Clare's Catholic High School has an association with a house, the patrons of which were selected for the characteristics they possess – generosity, humility, bravery, respect.

All siblings of a family are allocated to the same house.

Each house is further separated into six homeclasses which all have students from each of the Years 7–10.

The house system has only recently been reintroduced to St Clare's but has since been found to improve interaction between the junior and senior students of the school. A sense of pride and house spirit is warmly fostered.

School (sport) house patrons
Mary McKillop was born in 1842. She was dedicated to the education of the children of the poor. Mary died in 1909. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1995, and was canonised in 2010.
Caroline Chisholm (1808–1877) was a humanitarian who worked closely with female immigrant’s in Australia. Caroline convinced the Governor of Sydney for a building to house migrant women. She also set up the first employment office and introduced work contracts for these women.
Maximilian Kolbe (1894–1941) was a Polish Franciscan friar who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, in Poland.
St Benedict (1526–1589) was born into slavery, gave away his possessions and joined the Franciscan friars where his family lived. Benedict never referred to possessions as ‘mine’ but always ‘ours’. He had gifts for prayer and the guidance of souls.


All Year 7 students and new students are issued with a ID card on the commencement of their first school year. If a student starts after the ID photo day, they will be issued with an ID card in the following year.

Students must keep their ID with them at all times. ID cards are required to sign in/out of School when arriving late or leaving early and also for Library borrowing purposes.


The Internet service is currently available to student at St Clare’s Catholic High School. The purpose is to promote excellence in our school via access to information which is of value to their learning. The use of this service is considered to be a privilege and not a right and it is unacceptable for students to abuse the use of the Internet. Violation of the rules outlined within this agreement will call for immediate loss of privilege of Internet access and involve the School’s Student Management Policy.


Where a student’s absence for more than one day is anticipated e.g. for hospital stay, family commitment, etc. a request for leave should be made using the Application for Exemption from Attendance at School form which is available at the office or may be downloaded from the school website.

The Application for Exemption from Attendance at School must be submitted to the Principal no less than 4 weeks prior to departure.

Approval for all such requests will be at the discretion of the Principal.


Library times are each Recess and Lunch except Thursday lunch and occasional other times when students will be notified. Students will require their School ID cards for borrowing. Resources include fiction and nonfiction books, reference materials, periodicals, and newspapers, on network. Services available include internet, work processing and photocopying.


If they are misplaced or damaged go to website


Lost property is stored in a cupboard in the Front Office. Any unlabelled item will be placed in the donated items register/disposed of at the end of each calendar month. Parents are asked to ensure that all clothing/personal items are adequately labelled.


If your child has a medical condition that may require urgent attention, parents are asked to complete a ‘Medical Alert’ (available from the Administration Office). This information will allow staff to take the necessary action to care for your child in the event of an emergency. Please note that such information is kept in a discreet area for access by teachers only.


For students requiring medication to be administered within school time, parents/carers must contact the School Office to organise details for its dispensing. A written consent from parents/carers outlining the details of dispensing is obligatory.

No medications can be dispensed at school without written consent. The School does not supply any medication for pain relief.


It is unadvisable for students to carry large sums of money unnecessarily. If unavoidable please give to School Office for safe keeping until end of day collection by student. Change of money cannot be issued through the School Office.


From time to time, students will be given the opportunity to wear Mufti in exchange for a donation e.g. Gold coin, non-perishable food for school fundraising/charitable purposes.

  • Parents will receive advance notification of Mufti days.
  • The School’s grooming expectations will still apply on such days
  • Clothing appropriate for the school day
  • Neat and tidy clothing
  • Closed in shoes are essential (no thongs or sandals)
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven
  • Girls’ hair is to be tied back
  • Jewellery/make up restrictions will apply
  • No transparent/revealing clothing, singlets or ripped clothing
  • No offensive/inappropriate comments/images on the clothing
  • No midriff tops.


The following areas are designated out-of-bounds:

  • all classroom blocks, classrooms and gym, unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • the front of the school between the Passive Area fence, front office, front gate, the breezeway area and the pathway leading to the car park. On arrival to school, students are not to congregate at the front gate and are asked to move to the Town Square immediately on arrival to school.
  • TAS St beyond the broken yellow line (except for when students are permitted to access their lockers and toilets).
  • the area behind P1 room and the back gate.
  • all school car parks.
  • the Basketball/multipurpose courts except when open to students and supervised by a teacher.
  • the road area behind T Block.
  • the Field area except when open to students during recess and/or lunch.
  • the Passive Area

The lockers can only be accessed once the Learning Group morning bell has sounded and during the first and last five minutes of the Recess and Lunchtime periods each day.

For various reasons changes to these areas may occur throughout the year. Students will be advised should this occur.

Remember ‘Out of sight is out of bounds’


At St Clare's Catholic High School we value parents and the contributions they can make throughout their child’s education.

An invitation is always extended to parents for our various functions during the school year, such as Clare Day, Mass, parent/teacher interviews, information nights, subject selection evening, showcase, working bees, and special events. Parents have a voice through the Parent and Friends Association and are also encouraged to volunteer as canteen helpers.

Clare Connection’ is our fortnightly newsletter and teachers can communicate with parents through the student diary or with phone calls.

Our SMS system also keeps parents up-to-date with student absences and lateness.


Students must not be in possession of or use any dangerous or illegal items whilst travelling to and from school, at school or on organised school activities. This includes tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, dangerous substances (or equipment related to their use), fireworks, and any weapon (including replicas), dangerous objects, steel rulers or inappropriate or offensive media. The school reserves the right to take the most severe disciplinary action with any student who uses or possesses these items.

Other items are also prohibited due to the damage they can cause to the environment. These include aerosol cans, liquid paper, permanent markers/textas and chewing gum. The Principal has the authority to search a student’s bag and/or locker with or without consent, where they have reasonable grounds to believe that a student is in possession of a dangerous implement or an illegal substance.


The Principal’s Learning Update is distributed online (email, website and Skoolbag mobile app.) at regular intervals. This Newsletter forms a vital communication link between School and home as it contains items of relevance for students and parents.


From time to time, publications from Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese and external parties may be distributed through the School. They are given to the eldest child in each family.


Reports are published and distributed at the end of terms two and four respectively. Parents will be given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at Parent/Teacher interviews.


The students are to wear traditional black polishable lace-up school shoes on normal school days. The solid heel is not to exceed 3cm in height. There should be no buckles or straps (ie no Mary Jane style for girls).


Scooters and skateboards are banned at St Clare’s. Students are not permitted to travel to and from school on skateboards or scooters.


All students are expected to take part in the sporting activity program of the School. When unable to participate, students must:

  • Have a parent write a note
  • Show the note to the Sports Coordinator at Recess on Thursday
  • At the start of Sport, report to the place the Sports Coordinator tells you.


Low cut, lace-up supportive athletic shoes suitable for athletic activity. Flat soled walking/skating and canvas shoes must not be worn.


Staff supervision of students commences at 8:05 am.
After-school supervision continues until the departure of the last bus at approximately 3:00pm.


Swearing or inappropriate language will not be tolerated in any class or directed to any teacher or member of the School community. Any student swearing will be placed on a suspension and will be required to attend an interview to discuss enrolment.


Students may contact teachers during lunch. They are to report to the School Office and ask politely to see the teacher. Whenever possible, it is best for the student to organise a time and location to meet a teacher ahead of time.

Parents/carers may contact the School Office to speak to a teacher. If the teacher is unavailable, an emailed message is sent to the teacher notifying them of your contact. Parents/carers are advised to make an appointment by calling the School Office before attending the school to ensure the teacher/leader is available to meet with them.


Incoming calls/ messages

Only messages from parents/carers can be passed on directly to students. Due to proximity constraints (e.g. students on external sports/off-site events) there is no guarantee that messages received after 2:00pm will reach students before the end of the day. Parents/carers are discouraged from requesting to speak to their child using the phone during school hours as this interrupts the learning of the student/s.

Outgoing Calls

Students who need to call a parents/carers during the normal school day are asked to make this call via the School office. Parents/carers are discouraged from requesting to speak/send messages to their child using the phone during school hours as this interrupts the learning of the student/s.


Visit our School website at to see the latest school news, a calendar of upcoming events, curriculum updates, and the most up to date school policies.


Uniform & Grooming

As a student attending St Clare's Catholic High School your daughter/son is an ambassador for the school.

The school believes in certain values associated with the wearing of the uniform. Much time and thought has been devoted to its place in the life of the students. In addition to its contribution to neatness, dress sense, identity with the group, good order and discipline, it should be a bond between parents and the school in a common endeavour to present teenagers with one acceptable standard.

Students are required to be in full school uniform:

  • Term 1 and 4 - Summer uniform
  • Term 2 and 3 - Winter uniform.
  • Blazers must be worn as the outermost garment during Term 2 & 3
  • Sport uniform (jacket, track pants, t-shirt and shorts) should only be worn on Thursdays
  • For PE practical lessons, students must change into their sport uniform at school.

If you are unavoidably out of uniform, please bring a parental note detailing any variation from the usual school uniform. Hand this note to your Learning Advisor or Leader of Learning Pathways.


Uniform Overview

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 and 4)
Boys Girls
  • School trousers (grey)
  • Open-necked white shirt with school crest
  • Grey socks
  • School hat (optional)
  • School skirt (to be worn to the knee)
  • Open-necked white blouse with school crest
  • School ankle socks (with tri-colour band)
  • School hat (optional)
Winter Uniform
  • School trousers (grey)
  • Open-necked white shirt with school crest
  • Grey socks
  • School tie
  • Black school blazer with school crest on breast pocket
  • School skirt (to be worn to the knee)
  • Open-necked white blouse with school crest
  • Black tights or black pantyhose (no knee-highs)
  • Black school blazer with school crest on breast pocket

In winter the school’s regulation red jumper may only be used in conjunction with the school blazer, i.e. it may not replace the school blazer.

Sports Uniform
  • Black elasticised waist shorts with school initials
  • White leather/vinyl sport shoes with solid upper (i.e. no punch holes). NB: This is an occupational health and safety requirement for practical subjects
  • White polo shirt with school crest
  • White school sports socks with tri-colour band
  • White polo shirt with school crest
  • White school sports socks with tri-colour band
  • School tracksuit (jacket and pants). NB: Tracksuit jacket may only be worn on Thursday (sports day)
  • White leather/vinyl sport shoes with solid upper (i.e. no punch holes). NB: This is an occupational health and safety requirement for practical subjects
General Regulations
  • Polished black, low-heeled, leather shoes with laces. NB: This is an occupational health and safety requirement for practical subjects
  • Official black school bag with school colours




Boys Girls


  • Hair must be above the shirt collar and a minimal amount of ‘product’ used to conservatively style
  • Dyed, coloured, rinsed or bleached hair are all unacceptable
  • Number 3 (hair-trimmer) is the minimum acceptable length
  • Undercuts, steps, stripes or other patterns shaved into hairstyles are not acceptable
  • Students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.
  • Hairstyles must be appropriate for the wearing of the school uniform. Students who are unsure about what is acceptable should consult with their house coordinator before going to the hairdresser
  • The suitability of any hairstyle is at the discretion of the Principal or Assistant Principal.


  • Dyed, coloured, rinsed or bleached hair are all unacceptable
  • Number 3 (hair-trimmer) is the minimum acceptable length
  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back at all times with a red, white, gold or black elastics or ribbons
  • Undercuts, steps, stripes or other patterns shaved into hairstyles are not acceptable
  • Students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times
  • Hairstyles must be appropriate for the wearing of the school uniform. Students who are unsure about what is acceptable should consult with their house coordinator before going to the hairdresser
  • The suitability of any hairstyle is at the discretion of the Principal or Assistant Principal.


  • Students are encouraged to wear a watch
  • A single fine neck chain may be worn provided it is out of sight and has a crucifix or medical information attached
  • One pair of studs/sleepers may be worn in the ear lobes
  • Other jewellery, body piercings, chains, leather thonging and bracelets are not permitted
  • Any other excessive jewellery may be confiscated


  • Students are encouraged to wear a watch
  • A single fine neck chain may be worn provided it is out of sight and has a crucifix or medical information attached
  • One pair of studs/sleepers may be worn in the ear lobes
  • Any other piercing is not acceptable
  • Other jewellery, body piercings, chains, bracelets and ankle bracelets are not permitted
  • Any other excessive jewellery may be confiscated

Facial Hair

  • Boys are to be preferably clean-shaven


  • Students who are obviously wearing make-up will be asked to remove it
  • Students will be asked to remove coloured nail polish
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted



St Clare's Catholic High has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. These provide the framework within which we operate. Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese also provides advice and recommendations on educational and administrative policies and priorities, and monitors policy implementation.

Our System Policies can be found on the school website. If you have any questions in relation to policies or wish to view a copy of one of our school-based policies please contact the us by email or phone 98302400 weekdays between 7:30am and 3:30pm.