Our school newsletter keeps our community up-to-date with what's happening at St Clare's and we encourage all families to read each edition.

In Principal's Bulletin, you will find highlights our students' achievements, subject updates and upcoming school events. It also provides helpful hints for students as well as information on parent education.

  Learning Update 41

In this issue: Advent, Enrolments, Covid 19 Restrictions, Vaccinations, Year 7 Orientation


  Learning Update 40

In this issue: Student safety, Distribution of reports, Canned Food Drive

  Learning Update 39

In this issue: HSC Update, Uniforms, Year 10 Update, Remembrance Day & Summer Reading Challenge

  Learning Update 38

In this issue: Yr 12 commencing exams, students return to school, HSC Blessing by the Bishop, Summer Reading Challenge

  Learning Update 37

In this issue: All Souls & All Saints Day, Enrolments 2022, Thursday afternoon arrangements, On-site learning days

  Learning Update 36

In this issue: On site learning days, Access on site on learning days, and more!

  Learning Update 35

In this issue: Year 12 return, Return of Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

  Learning Update 34

In this issue: Students return to school dates, Year 12 Update, HSC timetable, Year 11 Update, Year 10 Update & Year 9 Update

  Learning Update 33

In this issue: Key points for returning students, staff email

  Learning Update 32

In this issue: End of Term Prayer, Online Commencement for Term 4, Vaccination Links, Yr 12 HSC Timetable, Yr 11 Final Assessments, etc

  Learning Update 31

In this issue: Feast of the Nativity of Mary, It's never too late to finish well, Yr 12, Yr 11 & Yrs 7 - 10 Updates

  Learning Update 30

In this issue: St Clare's Library, Internet problems

  Learning Update 29

In this issue: Yr 12 Assessments, information for the return of students, important information on mental health

  Learning Update 28

In this issue: Message from Pope Francis, Zoom Free Zone, Bus Information, Oceania Pastoral Ministry Webinar,

  Learning Update 27

In this issue: Feast of St Clare, Zoom Meetings & Additional Activities, Year 11 Exams, Office Contactless Mode, Student Data Validation

  Learning Update 26

In this issue: Get Help, Teachers' emails for help

  Learning Update 25

In this issue: Zoom classes, Survey, Student Absences, Free Resources, Learner's Guide and more

  Learning Update 24

In this issue: Services for children and young people during Covid-19, Letter from the Catholic Education Office

  Home Learning Week 2

In this issue: Keeping in touch during Home Learning, Parent Contact Liaison (PCL), Parent support for Home Learning

  Home Learning Week 1

Information for Week 1 Term 3

  Learning Update 22

In this issue: Staff Development Day, Yr 10 Vaccinations, Acting Principal, Competitors Only Athletics Carnival, Yr 12 HSC Trials, Yr 10 Reflection Day, Yr 10 2021 Subject Selection, Year 7 Materials Technology- Textiles, Year 10 & 11 Decorative Box, Year 10 Graphics

  Learning Update 21

In this issue: Posting online, Vaccinations, Parent Teacher Interviews, Winter Uniforms, Cathwest

  Learning Update 20

In this issue: Year 10 Reflection Day, Homework Club, Year 11 Reports, Parent/Teacher Interviews

  2021 Learning Update 19

In this issue: Staff Formation Day, Yr 12 Award, Yr 11 Preferences, Photo Catch Up Day, Vaping, Enrolments, TTFM Survey

  Learning Update 18

In this issue: Trinity Sunday, Subject Selection for Yr 10, Photo Reminder, Sorry Day, Samples of work from the Year 11 Industrial Technology Multimedia class & Girls' Rugby Team

  Learning Update 17

In this issue: Pentecost Sunday, Sorry Day, Senior Student Update, Yr 10 Preparing for the Future, Naplan, Attendance and Yr 12 Retreat

  Learning Update 16

In this issue: Pentecost, Learning Feedback, Enrolment 2022, Yr 12 Update, Yr 10 Update, Naplan Update and Opal Card Reminder

  Learning Update 15

In this issue: Prayer Retreat, Yr 12 reminders for the Retreat, HSC and Trial Timetables, Yr 7 Vaccinations, School Tours and Industrial Arts

  Learning Update 14

In this issue: Message from Pope Francis, Uniform and Excursion Expectations, Yr 12 Reports, Athletics Carnival & Yr 12 Retreat

  Learning Update 13

In this issue: Naplan, Opal Cards, School Fees, Vaccinations & School Photos

  Learning Update 12

In this issue: Welcome back to Term 2, Term 2 Winter Uniform, Welcome back to staff and welcome to a new staff member

  Learning Update 11

In this issue: Easter Message, Term 2 uniform

  Learning Update 10

In this issue: Holy Week, Harmony Week Celebrations, Holy Week Mass Times, Naplan Preparation

  Learning Update 9

In this issue: Lenten Prayer, Yr 7 Reflection Day, Yr's 7 & 9 Naplan, School Fees, Open Mic Friday, Yr 12 Visual Arts Incursion & Stage 4 Brainstorm Presentation

  Learning Update 8

In this issue: School Tours, Open Mic Friday, Term 2 Uniform, St Clare's Breakfast, International Women's Day

  Learning Update 7

In this issue: Catholic Schools Week, new appointments, Academic Assembly, Dux 2020

  Learning Update 6

In this issue: Lent reflection, Senior Basketball Team

  Learning Update 5

In this issue: new Appointments, Ash Wednesday, Community Service Announcement

  2021 Learning Update 4

In this issue: Mrs Nash, Acting Principal Cerdon College, Swimming Carnival, Ash Wednesday

  Learning Update 3

In this issue: DEVICES FOR LEARNING - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Travel permission note, Year 7 Learning booklets and Parent Information online presentation

  Learning Update 2

In this issue: ID cards, Photos, Excursions and Swimming Ability permissions

  Learning Update 28

In this issue: Start dates and times for 2021, Online Uniform Ordering, Enrolments 2021, Student Leaders for 2021

  Learning Update 27

In this issue: Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews, Return to school

  Learning Update 26

In this issue: Yr 10 Reminder, Transport Concession Entitlement Card, Student Loan Devices, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion 2021 - Good Shepherd Parish Church

  Learning Update 25

In this issue: Summer Reading Challenge, Making a complaint, Year 10 Update & Yarn Up

  Learning Update 24

In this issue: Early offers, Congratulations on Scholarships, New Curriculum for Religious Education, Year 12 2021 Update,Year 9 Update and more.

  Learning Update 23

In this issue: HSC, Naidoc Week, Staying In Touch

  Learning Update 22

In this issue: Feast of All Souls, Covid 19 - students are unwell get tested, Vaccination Update,

  Learning Update 21

In this issue: All Saints and All Souls Day, World Teachers' Day, HSC Update, Mufti Day, Christmas Hamper, Stay Connected 'Skoolbag'

  Learning Update 20

In this issue: Filming at St Clare's, Week 1 HSC exams, School Opal Cards and Stage 6 Learning for Mission commences

  Learning Update 18

In this issue: Back to school for Term 4, Summer Uniform, Student Breakfast, information for all students, Student Punctuality,

  Learning Update 17

In this issue: Prayer for Year 12 students, school photos, school uniform, new curriculum for Religious Education

  Learning Update 16

In this issue: Term 3 Academic Term Finish Date, Year 11 Update, St Francis Feast Day

  Learning Update 15

In this issue Draft new RE Curriculum, Years 12, 11, 10, 8 Update and Year 12 HSC Music Performances

  2020 Learning Update 14

Father's Day, Misadventure Policy, Events

  2020 Learning Update 13

Included in this issue, school tours, Mary Mackillop Feast Day celebrations, Yr 12 lessons re-commence & Yr 12 HSC Major Works

  2020 Learning Update 12

Learning Update 12 In this issue - Mini House Games, Spelling Bee, Year 12 Trials Update

  Learning Update 11

2020 Term 3 Learning Update 11