Who We Are

St Clare's has a rich history behind its community stemming from the opening in 1993.

You can learn more about the history of our school as well as our vision and mission below.


Our History

In 1993, after collaboration between the Capuchin Fathers based at Plumpton, and the Catholic Education Office, meetings began concerning the construction of a new Catholic systemic high school at Hassall Grove. The new school was to be situated firmly in the Good Shepherd Parish.

The school’s layout has deliberately incorporated a Franciscan theme through aspects of the village of Assisi in Italy. The wide, white stone pillars encompassing the extensive colonnades, the Town Square and the long walkway or ‘Street,’ all have this intended Italian aspect. This Franciscan influence was also paired with a strong Aboriginal connection with respect to the significance of the site in the local Aboriginal history. The first and only land grants given to Aboriginal people by Governor Macquarie were to Colebee and Nurragingy, nearby. And the Native Institute and the original Blacktown are close by the Bells Creek, a sacred burial site.

The first Year 7 students commenced classes in 1994, and the school experienced its first graduating class of Year 10 in 1997.

In 1997, it was decided to restructure the Catholic schools in the Greater Mt Druitt area and form Christ Catholic College, with St Agnes at Rooty Hill, Loyola at Mt Druitt, and St Clare’s at Hassall Grove. This came about in 1999, but after five years a further restructure was made and now the three schools together, form the Christ Catholic Community of Schools.

In the 21st Century St Clare’s is now a thriving co-educational secondary school for Years 7 to 12 students with a strong focus on developing confident, motivated leaders who are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s world.

Our Vision

The Character and Strength of Clare

The St Clare's community will be permeated with gospel values lived and celebrated throughout the school year.

Professional Learning

A competent team of staff will have professional learning at its core. The team will provide quality teaching and learning, through a diverse use of teaching strategies, which will serve the St Clare's community.



The learning environment at St Clare's will foster, value and enhance student achievement and a strong work ethic.

Pastoral Wellbeing of the Clare Community

St Clare's will continue to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for the holistic wellbeing of staff, students and families.


Systems Administration

St Clare's will continue to strive to be a well organised and efficient school, staff, students and parents.

Our story at St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove


Our Mission

To provide excellence in education:

  • through quality teaching and learning
  • by providing a safe and creative learning environment
  • by challenging students to strive for academic excellence
  • by being a place where faith and values are enriched and shared within the Catholic tradition.

Our mission is supported through our key values of:

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Reconciliation
  • Quest for knowledge and skills.


Our School Crest


Our crest consists of a red cross which represents hope and life for Christians and reminds us that our actions and observations are based on love from the heart.

The four leaves allude to nature and creation, one for each academic year. They recall St Clare, ‘the first plant’ of St Francis and the crook of the Good Shepherd Parish. The sun and moon remind us of St Clare, 'a Light for the Way’ along with Christ, "the Light of the World".

The Christian perspective along with the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories of the Sun Woman and Male Moon as creative forces, present a rich partnership with the community.

The black background highlights the Christian paradox of light from darkness, hope for the hopeless and life from death.

School Motto

The motto ‘Praise God by Your Life’ entreats us to strive for wholeness. We meet God in all aspects of our life and show our closeness by the way we live our life. It is in the ordinary everyday living of our life that we demonstrate God’s love and glory.