The St Clare's Graduate

Every aspect of a child’s development is considered and respected, and we support our students to grow into confident, motivated leaders who will always respect the value of learning and community.

Our vision for graduates of St Clare Catholic High School is that they:

  • are generous and large-hearted
  • exercise imagination
  • strive and accept excellence as an ideal
  • foster all their talents, and their full development
  • reflect on their actions and learn from them
  • possess a faith that is practical, translating into service of others
  • seek to be just to all
  • have enquiring minds
  • build community
  • develop competence in their work
  • seek to be compassionate
  • inform their conscience so as to act with integrity
  • have reverence and love for the person of Jesus
  • seek and find God in all things.


Students at St Clare's Catholic High School Hassall Grove


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